These comics were created by Glenn Belden and myself, calling ourselves TVB Productions.

We have had several of our comics (stories and comic strips) printed in underground magazines and fanzines in Norway, and in a few local newspapers.

We also edit the membership fanzine of Oslo Tegneserieforum (OTF) (Oslo Comics Forum), where we print the comics of members and others who send in, and of course also our own comics ;)

Issue 3/1998 of Larsons Gale Verden (The Far Side magazine) featured a 5 page TVB comic called «The Umbrella-Man».
We also did a 14 part comic story of Brødrene Dal (The Dal Brothers) in the official KLM fan club fanzine Nynytt.

We have collected our best and funniest work in a «fanzine» called Snart ferdig gå!. You can buy it for 20 kroner at comic stores in Oslo, or send me an email.

If you are interested in publishing
a comic from TVB, email me.

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