Helix is a darkly weird little movie (28 minutes) made by Blank Film (Glenn Belden and myself) in 2003. It has an ambient soundtrack with music by Psychofreud.

The film’s plot is sort of experimental, although it has a clear narrative and isn’t really abstract. Let me explain... nah. Maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t.

It’s available in two sizes, and two kinds of image and sound quality. (It’s all about the bitrate baby.) You’ll need the XviD codec, which you can get for free from here or here.

Note: Previosly the files were encoded in DivX, but since XviD is better (and because I wanted the same codec for both movies) those days are gone.

» 149 MB — less crappy (bitrate: video 627 kbps, audio 128 kbps)

» 50 MB — more crappy (bitrate: video 196 kbps, audio 56 kbps)

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