«The Chill in the Night When the Clock Stopped, or The Story of the Man Who Knocked Twice» was written by Nicholas Knutsen and Geir Damstuen, working together in a rather strange fashion which we won’t be divulging too much about here. The first chapter was written in 1996.

The novel is, as some might have noticed, not finished. We’re writing new chapters all the time, which of course isn’t true, but the next chapter will be written some day. We are also working on translating the damn thing to the language you are currently enjoying.

If you haven’t read the available chapters yet and you’re wondering what kind of thing this is, we can tell you that although we’re calling it a "suspense novel" it also contains a lot of humor, horror, drama, irony, satire, social critique, surrealism, dadaism, and not a small amount of pretension...
All will find something here... something about themselves.

Thanks to Nicolas Chung for doing the initial translations.

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